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Transit Bus Electronic Rebuilds

Transit Bus Electronic Rebuilds can save 65% over-cost of new Bus!

BRC Group has a very successful "Electronics Rebuild" division of the company. Brad Field, President of BRC states: "In the past transit authorities have had to literally throw out failed electronic components and purchase new ones. There really wasn't any viable option to repair them. The BRC Electronics Rebuild Division provides customers with an affordable option.

BRC provides full Electronic Rebuild service for all makes of buses including: New Flyer, MCI, Gillig, Neo Plan, Nova, Blue BIrd, Orion, Goshen, Crestline, Eldorado and GMC. BRC has many journeyman technicians with over 20 plus years of experience.

BRC Electronic Rebuild program is a lower cost, greener option! !

Why fill up landfill sites with perfectly repairable, potentially hazardous electronic components, when BRC can repair them for a fraction of the cost?

The "Electronics Rebuild" program currently has a list of 50 plus electronic components that can be rebuilt.

Operators can simply sent the failed electronic components into BRC for a free estimate on rebuild costs. Providing the components can be rebuild, they will be sent back, fully rebuilt once completed. In the case of emergency, a replacement rebuild from our stock inventory can also be sent out immediately.

For more information on the BRC "Electronics Rebuild" Program contact us today.