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Transit Bus Collision Repair

BRC has always been one of the "go to" shops when there is a heavy hit accident. The damage from a roll over, head on collision or fire often includes major structure damage in the body and the frame as well causes a nightmare with the electrical components. BRC has specialize in heavy duty transit collision repairs.

BRC provides full collision repair services for all makes of buses including: New Flyer, MCI, Gillig, Neo Plan, Nova, Blue BIrd, Orion, Goshen, Crestline, Eldorado and GMC.+

Body Work and Structural  Repair

Ensuring the body and structure of the bus after an accident is prepared to its original specifications is something BRC takes pride in.

  • Perform all necessary structural and cosmetic repairs for both interior and exterior
  • BRC has many 20 plus year experienced journeyman in body and mechanical repairs
  • The ongoing extensive training program ensures present and future quality collision repair for the BRC body collision shop

Interior Repairs

Interior can make or break the look of the bus. BRC has experienced techs to replace or repair.

  • O.E.M. replacement/repair
  • Glass and panel replacement
  • Seating and upholstery
  • Carp eting and flooring
  • Lighting and audio visual
  • And all other major areas of the interior

Suspension Repairs

  • Experienced technicians ensure all the work meets or exceeds customers expectations