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Transit Bus


BRC provides full refurbishment, rebuild and retrofit service for all makes of buses including: New Flyer, MCI, Gillig, Neo Plan, Nova, Blue BIrd, Orion, Goshen, Crestline, Eldorado and GMC. BRC has many journeyman technicians with over 20 plus years of experience.

Quality Control / Quality Assurance

  • Pre-delivery inspection of unit upon arrival done with key personnel
  • Three times daily summary of work being performed
  • Pre-paint inspection done by paint shop foreman and technician
  • Post paint inspection done by paint shop foreman and body shop foreman
  • Post inspection of all repairs done by body shop man and technician
  • Road test performed and all components checked
  • Final detailing of unit before delivery
  • Final inspection done by body shop foreman and sign off complete

Structural Refurbishment

  • Repair misc. Lower Structure Corrosion Damage
  • Repair misc. Undercarriage Corrosion Damage
  • Fabricate Undercarriage Structural Panels
  • Sandblast all Exposed Structural Steel
  • Epoxy all Exposed Structural Steel
  • Repair misc. Body Damage
  • Undercoat Undercarriage of Motor Coach
  • Refinish Complete Coach as per Customer Specifications
  • Detail Interior Complete
  • Final Inspections on Complete Motor Coach
  • Deliver to Customer
  • Detailed inspection of damage with customer and agree on motor coach refurbishment program
  • Remove and Replace all Lower Exterior Side Panels
  • Remove and Install Wheels/Sandblast and Refinish
  • Remove and Install Complete Interior
  • Remove and Install all Side Windows
  • Remove and Replace all Interior Flooring and Wood Base
  • Rebuild Front Wheel Chair Ramp Assembly
  • Rebuild Drivers Compartment Area
  • Remove and Replace Left and Right Heater Assemblies
  • Overhaul Rear Engine Door
  • Inspect Undercarriage for Corrosion Damage
  • Inspect Lower Structure complete for Corrosion Damage

Power Train

  • Engine and transmission diagnostics, replacement and overhaul. BRC has the equipment and journeyman technicians to get the job done right the first time.
  • Engine and transmission shall be replaced with reconditioned of the same or swap out and modified to customer request.
  • Transmission will be replaced with reconditioned upon customer request.