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BRC Group uses technologically advanced equipment to ensure that the collision repair and refurbishment services meet or exceed the customers standards.

BRC is qualified under the PPG Certified Commercial Re-finisher Program (CCRP), which provides the highest standards with respect to procedures, paint products, paint equipment, shop conditions and safety.

PAINT BOOTH -Three 60-foot plus commercial paint booths

 Fully-tooled DUZ MOR Frame Straightening Equipment

175 ton - 70 ft. frame straightening machine

BRC  operates one of the largest frame straightening machines in North America. This heavy duty DUZ MOR frame straightening machine is 64 ft. long and has 10 towers with 175 ton of 360 degree, 3 dimensional push and pull capacity. It has been designed specially to straighten the frames of motor coaches, transit buses, trucks and trailers. The DUZ MOR heavy duty machine makes it possible to effectively and affordable repair almost any damage to frames and chassis instead of replacing these components. In many cases this can be the difference to whether a unit can be saved or be classified a total loss.

The BRC technicians are specially trained on the DUZ MOR frame straightening machine. This experience is one more reason why many operators choose BRC to straighten the frames of motor coaches, buses, trucks and trailers.


45 HP Nirvana Air Compressor with Hybrid Permanent Magnet (HPM) Motor.

Nirvana is a revolutionary contact cooled, single stage rotary screw compressor, which incorporates a Hybrid Permanent Magnet (HPM) motor with a standard variable speed inverter, to produce the first true range of variable speed air compressors.

Multiple MIG & TIG Welders.

BRC takes great pride in ensuring our experienced technicians have the latest in technology when it comes to shop tools. Creating a safe work place adds to the enjoyment of working at BRC.