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Motor Coach Frame Straightening

BRC provides full frame straightening service.  

Our qualified BRC journeyman technicians are well experienced and are trained up to date to totally service motor coaches completely.

  • Prevost
  • Setra
  • VanHool
  • MCI
  • GMC
  • all makes of motor coaches

BRC has straightened frames on motor coaches and transit buses from all across North America. Providing a full work up frame specification sheet that compares the job to manufacturers specifications.

BRC operates one of the largest frame straightening machines in North America. This heavy duty DUZ MOR frame straightening machine is 64 ft. long and has 10 towers with 175 ton of 360 degree 3-dimensional push and pull capacity. It has been designed specially to straighten the frames of motor coaches and transit buses. The DUZ MOR Heavy Duty machine makes it possible to effectively and affordability repair almost any damage to frames and chassis instead of replacing these components. In many cases this can be the difference to whether a unit can be saved or be classified a total loss.

The BRC technicians are specially trained on the DUZ MOR frame straightening machine. This experience is one more reason why operators choose BRC to straighten the frames as a result of motor coaches and buses. BRC provides repairs for ROBS (Rollover Protection Cabs), frame changes, structural repairs to aluminum bodies.

More on the the DUZ MOR

DUZ MOR Heavy Duty Truck Machine is the most versatile machine ever built and with the option of changing the configuration at any time it will continue to meet our needs for years to come. There are 14 ft. towers and extensions to pull up to 14 ft. above the floor, not to mention a 2-ton over head crane to lift 5th wheel plate and tanks out of the way.

Complete with a total of 175 ton ram and auxiliary hydraulic outlet powered by an electric hydraulic pump, your capabilities are unlimited. Pulls are not just 360 degrees around the vehicle but 3-dimensional.