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Company History and Culture

The BRC Group operates commercial vehicle collision repair and refurbishment centers in the United States and Canada. The company was originally founded in the early 1980's as Big Rig Collision Centre in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Over the years, Big Rig Collision has become known for its outstanding customer service, commitment of quality repair work and Lifetime warranty that covers all body and paint work performed. This Lifetime warranty is virtually unheard of in the commercial vehicle body repair industry. The employees of Big Rig Collision have always taken great pride in their work and craftsmanship, and this commitment to excellence has allowed the company to thrive and grow, even during a period of unprecedented economic distress in both the US and Canada. 

Calgary, Alberta

Las Vegas, Nevada

Many of the company's loyal customers are Bus and Motor Coach operators, and are based in the United States. For years they have had their damaged units transported to Calgary for repairs, passing by countless other repair shops along the way. Customers from as far away as Florida, California and Tennessee, just to name a few, have long sacrificed the convenience of a nearby location, in lieu of a shop that they know will provide an excellent repair, at a fair price, and on time if not ahead of the schedule.

In mid 2010, the company launched its US operation, under the trade name of BRC Coach and Transit, a subsidiary of the BRC (Big Rig Collision) Group.

By continuing our commitment to excellence, customer service and unsurpassed quality, through the dedicated efforts and commitment of our highly valued employees.

The BRC Group is an employee and customer focused company.


Mission Statement

The BRC Group will provide repair work, turn-around times and customer service at a level that is unsurpassed in this industry. We will remain a company that is both employee and customer focused. Our STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE will not waiver and we will proudly display our craftsmanship with every completed vehicle that rolls out of our facility. We will HONOR, with VIGILANCE, the trust that our highly valued customers place in us every day, and we will perform our work with PRECISION and PRIDE.

We are fully aware that Fathers, Mothers, Sons and Daughters, ride in the vehicles that we service everyday; some for a short distance, others across the country. We will NEVER sacrifice safety in lieu of price, time or any other constraint. We will seek out and recruit the best and most talented people available, and will strive to continually develop our people and our company so that we may always be the very best.