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30 Years of Motor Coach, Truck & Transit Bus Collision Repair & Refurbishment

Specialists in the collision repair and refurbishment of motor coach, truck and transit buses since 1979. Quality repairs, exceptional turnaround time and our no hassle "life time warranty" make us your #1 choice for your collision repair and refurbishment needs.

BRC Transit Refurbishment

Edmonton Transit awards BRC a multi-year Refurbishment contract

  • The contract is a 3 year contract with 2 year renewal options

BC Transit working with BRC to study refurbishment of double-decker buses

  • BRC is providing a case study to analyze the benefits of refurbishing double-decker buses for BC Transit.

Grande Prairie Transit continues on with bus refurbishment

  • Grande Prairie sends BRC another bus for refurbishment.

Calgary Transit continues to explore bus refurbishment

  • BRC has refurbished 130 buses for Calgary Transit. A new series of buses are under study to see the potential benefits of refurbishment.